Wednesday, January 24, 2024 1:00pm
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  • We will start with a brief introduction into the Domiciliary Care industry, discussing the general day to day activities of the trade.
  • We will discuss the exposures the industry could be susceptible to in relation to insurance claims and will discuss a case study example.
  • We will then discuss how we can support the management of these exposures with different insurance covers looking at:
  • What each cover provides
  • What the benefits of this cover would be for the business
  • General exclusions which apply and need to be considered
  • Risk management which yourself as a business can do to reduce the risk of a claim in the industry
  • We will finally discuss the responsibilities of the insurers and brokers to support with providing ‘good outcomes’ to reduce the risk of claims.

What will I learn?

  • To understand the general activities within the Domiciliary Care industry and the exposures they provide to insurance related claims.
  • To know the variety of insurance covers available for the trade.
  • To understand the covers, their benefits, exclusions, and risk management which could be put in place to reduce the exposures.
  • To understand the Insurer’s and Broker’s ongoing responsibilities.


Nick Hutson
Compliance & Training Manager, 1st Choice

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